Thursday, August 11, 2016

Five of the Best Fun Breathing Exercises for Kids

Growing up, whenever most of us were faced with a potentially stressful situation, our teachers and parents would calmly reassure us with a magical phrase, "Relax and take a deep breath." And this only goes to show how connected breathing is to our psychological health state. The same can apply to your children especially if they seem sluggish, stressed or suffering from general lack of stamina. That said, here is a quick primer to that.

1. Flower Breathing Exercise

There is no denying that the natural fragrance that flowers give out is not only attractive but also rejuvenating. Most kids love flowers too and seem inherently attracted to plucking them out and sniffing them. Therefore, the least you can do is teach your children a simple flower breathing exercise. Get them a colorful, fragrant and fresh flower and instruct them to breathe it in via the nose and exhale through the mouth. This kind of flower breathes are quite helpful in relieving tension and restoring a regular heart rate particularly if they have a history of suffering from anxiety bouts. The best flowers as far as this goes include daisies, roses, daffodils, etc.

2. Hissing Breathes

Just like in adult yoga sessions, hissing breaths can help your child connect with their inner 'chi' or self and relax them mentally and physically. Teach your child how to inhale deeply through the nose and then exhale that air slowly through the mouth, while prolonging it by making a hissing sound. It might not seem as much, but this kind of extended exhalation should help them feel better and relax.

3. Elephant Breaths

Elephant breaths are designed to help enliven that sluggish kid who is always slumped down in a corner. So get them to stand with their feet apart and dangle their arms in front of them - mimicking an elephant's task. At the same time, instruct them to breathe in slowly but deeply through the nose while raising their arms well above their heads. This should be followed by an exhalation through their mouth while swinging down their arms. Let them repeat this three or four times. After some time they should feel energized and full of life.

4. Bear Breaths

Breath breaths, just like elephant breaths, should help your kid feel energized, reflective and relaxed. Tell your child to imagine that they are a bear hibernating in the wild. Teach them how to air slowly through the nose, pause for three seconds (can do this by counting one to three) before exhaling. They should also pause for an additional three seconds before drawing their next breath. Have them repeat this at least five times in quick succession, and you will see them start to relax.

5. Bunny Breaths

Kids love bunnies - most likely they have a stuffed one already. During this fun breathing exercise, they will be pretending to be bunnies and sniffing around like little bunnies. And this is by taking in three quick sniffs before exhaling deeply through the nose. Bunny breaths can help calm an upset kid and assist them in breathing smoothly while seeming like an interesting game rather than a task.

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