Me by Ricky Martin


By Ricky Martin

  • Release Date: 2010-11-03
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4.5
From 76 Ratings
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Throughout a career spanning nearly three decades, Ricky Martin drew a clear line between the person within and the one he shared with the world, choosing to keep his deepest emotions to himself. Now the very private Martin opens up about where life has brought him and the remarkable journey it took to get there.

In Me, Ricky Martin shares defining memories of his early childhood, his family's sacrifices to support his dreams, and coming-of-age experiences in the famed boy band Menudo-what they cost him and what they taught him. He explores his struggles with his identity during the 'Livin' La Vida Loca' phenomenon, reflects on accepting his sexuality, and admits to the sometimes oppressive consequences of denial and of fame. He also recounts some of his most profound milestones, like the travels to India that led to his founding the People of Children project and the realization of the greatest blessing of his life: his children. Ricky Martin's story is about his enlightening life lessons, the relationships that allowed him to embrace love, and the crucial decisions he has made on the path to becoming the man-and the father-he is today.

Includes new full-color photos and epilogue

'A testimony of exemplary honesty and greatness of soul.' Paulo Coelho
'Ricky Martin has written an extraordinary memoir.'�Deepak Chopra, M.D
'Interesting, philosophical and authentic.' Herald Sun


  • Fantastic

    By Braniac007
    I really enjoyed reading this amazing story and found that a lot of his life philosophies are similar to mine. I.e. Everything happens for a reason and that everything will happen when it's supposed to..not before or after. Truly an inspirational story....keep making beautiful music Ricky!!
  • Absolutely Inspirational and Heart-Warming!

    By Aradhana Mohan
    What a beautifully penned memoire! You are absolutely inspirational in so many ways - for your sincerity towards your musical career, the unconditional love and loyalty you have towards your family, your incredible spiritual journey through travel and yoga, the large-heartedness you continue to display with your multiple philanthropic endeavours, and above all the immense courage with which you shared your self-acceptance with the world. I have always been a huge fan of your music but after finishing this book I am in absolute awe of you as a person! Though I live in Australia, my parents are from India and having travelled there multiple times I can absolutely relate to how heart-wrenching it is to witness thousands of children falling victim to child trafficking. It was so genuinely uplifting to read about your various ongoing humanitarian efforts against human trafficking! You are an absolute hero :) It was also fascinating to read about your experiences with yoga and meditation - I have recently started practicing yoga myself and hope to one day attain inner peace and silence. Thank you for baring your heart and soul through this book and sharing such beautiful memories and valuable life lessons. I honestly had tears in my eyes by the end and hope my journey in life can be as liberating and fulfilling as yours! x Aradhana Mohan, Brisbane
  • Unexpectedly brilliant

    By scott in melbourne australia
    I was expecting a timeline of events but what I got was a refreshing and insightful look at life, growth and spiritually. Interesting, funny and full of quotes that stopped me dead me in my tracks. Did not expect this from Ricky Martin....but maybe I should have! Some parts could have done with a trim, but definitely worth the read.
  • Ricky Martin - Me

    Fantastic read. Inspirational!
  • Such a feel good biography

    By moulari
    What an insightful read! I have loved Ricky from the moment Maria was out on single, and to this day his music inspires me. I know songs of his off by heart in Spanish, and I'm Greek! A great insight on a man so full of light and happiness, it penetrates through the pages. Well done Kiki, love you.
  • Finished!!

    By Razo98
    What do I do with myself now that I am finished!!
  • ME

    By Bimbimbi
    A beautiful telling of a story well worth sharing with so many. It was a lovely Spiritual Journey which has to have helped Ricky in his life and coming to terms of "coming out" which is a humongous step forward. We have a lot of admiration for all he has done. Being in his position to help out with the child kidnapping and trafficking apart for all the other foundations he involved in is just so heartwarming. One would always hope that others in a financial position are warmed by his story and all get behind it. It is for the children and we all need to protect the children. We are watching The Voice at the moment and feel quite privileged to be watching Ricky as a judge in Australia he is always so polite and never unkind to the contestants which is a very big plus. I have so enjoyed reading his story and the road he travels. It is never easy to be what is considered "different". Congratulations for being who you are and God Bless you for doing what you do.. Your boys must always be your first concern and I'm sure they love you to the moon and back. Your honesty and your truth is to be complimented and this I do. Thank you so much for this wonderful snapshot of your life. In Love and Light once again I thank you and wish you all that is good in life. Love always to your little boys.. DI HARRIS
  • Mr.

    By PhillipKiwi
    I really enjoyed Ricky's book. Gave me an insight what good people can do with their high profile. I commend Ricky in his fight against human trafficking. I find the abuse of children, in any form, one of the worst crimes to be perpetrated. Keep up the good work; and hopefully more politicians will take notice!
  • Me

    By jennifer pilar
    I just want to say thank you for this truly inspirational book..I love your passion and commitment to everything you touch. I had a smile on my face the whole way through this book, and feel sad now I have finished it...
  • ME

    By Celleeneo
    Reading Ricky Martins book has reminded me about my silent self, so I thank Ricky for putting this wonderful book out to the public, I was meant to read it, at this time. I understood his book completely, as having many experiences my self, and knowing that everything is meant to be, doesn't matter how tough it is or was, I have learnt to climb over myself, even more recently as last year I got cancer, and I had no energy to do everything, it was my time to just to reflect on who I was, it was my time for ME, as I believe Change, changes everything. I loved the way Ricky wrote it all down so simply, he talked about the 3 selfs, which I call, the little self, the bigger self and the True self, but all different words but with all the same meaning, People would say to me, you did this and that back then. I say that was THEN this is NOW. I could go on and on when I am on this subject, but this is about the book, I am 69, and I know one never stops learning, as each beginning brings us to a Higher level within ourselves. I always let the Universe guide me, I remember when my father at 99 and a 1/2, was living with us, I went To to his flat for no reason. When I got I there, he said'How did you I needed you? he had fallen over and gashed his head, and was on the floor, I said to my father, I didn't, that is what you call, knowing without knowing. That is my True Self guiding me. So as I say: when you have an experience, look at it, learn from it then move on, this is how we grow. Ricky Martin is indeed a Great messenger! We are all teachers, teaching the teachers. I also believe We are no less than anyone, and also no more then anyone, as we are all equal Thank you from my heart Sincerely From Celleeneo .